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Ergo is a startup that provides intelligent technological solutions for Telecommunications, IoT,

Civil Defense, Mobile Maritime,

Public Security and National Defense

Rethinking the future


ERGO's smart poles automatically meet the operational requirements of the internal environment in order to preserve the equipment installed there: control of the temperature and the flow of internal heat; internal tightness and humidity; noise generated by the various equipment, especially the heat flow; protection against lightning strikes. Our models have a reduced base of 660mm and a flange of 880mm, meeting the standards of urban lighting. Our posts maintain remote supervision and control with the use of IoT device systems. They are customizable to meet different demands, such as cell phone operator sites and city halls with security monitoring of public roads, roads, traffic, slopes, waterways, accidents, incidents, as well as remote collection / supervision of environmental indexes such as temperature, humidity , pressure, rainfall. ERGO poles meet the concept of smart poles, with a design that minimizes aggression to the urban and rural environment. The concept of smart cities requires solutions that minimize the occupation of spaces, as well as integration with neighboring urban facilities with the least possible visual impact.

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Ergo Engenharia?

We are a startup that provides intelligent technological solutions. A telecommunications company and we develop projects in areas such as Civil defense, Public security, National and Coastal Defense, Telephony and IoT.


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