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ERGO ENGENHARIA posts are approved by TIM and meet the concept of smart posts, with a design that minimizes aggression to the urban and rural environment. They are customizable to meet different demands, such as mobile operator and city hall sites with security monitoring of public roads, highways, traffic, slopes, waterways, accidents, incidents, as well as remote collection / supervision of environmental indexes such as temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall. Our posts are easy to install and deploy. Our models have a reduced base of 660mm and a flange of 880mm, requiring less area and installation cost. The concept of smart cities requires solutions that minimize the occupation of spaces, as well as integration with neighboring urban facilities with the least possible visual impact. Our posts are watertight, with adequate ventilation to maintain the heat flow necessary for the proper functioning of the installed equipment. They have adequate internal distribution of racks and energy in order to keep the 5 doors / parts available complete for physical and energy installation. Our poles obey the relevant technical norms, structural and atmospheric surges.

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White Structure
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